Frequently Asked Questions

Patients Who are Going to Have a Colonoscopy or Upper Endoscopy

Do I need to take my dentures out?

For a colonoscopy. you may leave your dentures in if you normally sleep with them in.For an upper endoscopy, you will be asked to take out your dentures right before the procedure.

Can I have my colonoscopy if I am having my period?

Yes.  If you are wearing a tampon, you will need to remove it prior to the procedure.

Do I need to remove my hearing aids?

You will be lying on your left side, so for comfort you will either turn off your left hearing aid or remove it prior to your procedure.

Can I take my regular medications the morning of my procedure?

You may take your regular cardiac, blood pressure and seizure medications unless specifically instructed not to.  You must take them at least 2 hours before your procedure with a small sip of water.  

If you are on medications for Diabetes, contact your primary care doctor for recommendations on any adjustments to your medications.

Hold all other medications unless specifically instructed to take.  If you are unsure please consult with your doctor at 518-831-1500.

Do I need to finish the prep if my BMs are clear?

Yes, it is very important to finish the prep in order to have the cleanest bowel which will result in a better exam.

I finished the prep and I’m not going clear. What should I do?

Call the on call doctor at 518-831-1500 for further instructions.

I finished the prep and have not had a BM. What should I do?

Wait 2 hours after finishing your prep and if you have not moved your bowels or feel that you are not adequately cleaned out, call the on call doctor at 518-831-1500 for further instructions.  

The prep is making me vomit. What should I do?

Stop drinking the prep and let your stomach settle for 30 minutes.  You may find that sucking on some hard lemon drop candy helps to settle your stomach.  After 30 minutes, begin to drink the prep again but drink it slower; do not try to drink it straight down.  You can drink each glass over a 15 minute period.  If you continue to vomit, stop and call the on call doctor at 518-831-1500 for further instructions.